Joseph Borrelli - Author, Horrorist, and General Raconteur


A graduate of Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction MFA, Joseph Borrelli is a horror writer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is one of the hosts of the Bushwick Writers Group, one of the biggest writing communities in Brooklyn.

Originally from San Francisco, Joseph’s work has appeared in Nightmare Magazine, Blood in the Rain 2, Corporate Cthulhu, and Old Scratch and Owl Hoots. He was also the host of The Beyond, a paranormal show streaming on A member of the Horror Writers Association, Joseph writes the monthly column “Entombed by my Long Boxes,” which focuses on the history of horror in comic books for their monthly email magazine.



Check out some of the cool stuff he’s worked on! From fiction to podcasts to fan fiction to YouTube videos, it’s all right here.

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Joe does a lot of stuff. Check out his writing group, his book club, his bar trivia night, and his legendary macabre movie night!

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